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Apley Castle Park -
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For Parish Councillor, ANGELA TWYFORD

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April 2011

Although you may not be aware, APA have once again been extremely busy over the last few months on your behalf, to preserve Apley and the surrounding area. We hope you will be as pleased as we are with the following update of events and achievements:

1. APA are delighted to have secured the Sec.106 agreement, which ensures that there can be NO MORE THAN 100 DWELLINGS on t48383.

Yours sincerely, The APA committee. 

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News on density and character of proposed development....

Most of you are members of the residents’ association known as Apley Preservation Association and will know of the campaign that has been going on to stop inappropriate development on the fields off Peregrine Way. The original application to build, lodged in March 2006 and granted outline planning permission in December 2006, has been under discussion ever since.

Your Association committee, which has included our Local Councillor, Karen Blundell, has been part of a ‘steering group’ for the last eighteen months at which ways of producing an acceptable design for the development have been discussed with English Partnerships (EP) and Telford and Wrekin planning department. Andrew Eade, Leader of the Council, has always been supportive of our aims parties. Following that we expect to hold a public meeting where all residents will be able to see the proposals.

The web site is still running ( and you can contact us via that – we will post any further news on there, of course.

Stop press: Communication between Head of Planning and Leader of the Council

To: Andrew Eade, Cllr

Subject: P roposed development at Apley Castle 

Dear Andrew I can now confirm that HCA have agreed to re-masterplan the site, removing the apartments and reducing the overall development to 100 dwellings. In addition, the proportion of affordable dwellings would be reduced from 30% to 22%, with a mix of approximately 50% social rented and 50% shared ownership. 

In response we have indicated that the Council would be wiling to accept a reduced S 106 contribution for improvements to the Leegomery traffic island. HCA have also confirmed that their consultants will now be reviewing and, as appropriate, amending the indicative layout previously granted outline planning permission. 

It is proposed that the changes be achieved by amending the existing planning application/approval rather than through a new planning application. 

It is felt that this is likely to be the most effective and straightforward way of achieving the required alterations. I understand that HCA will now undertake the required actions as soon as they are able and we will continue to liaise with HCA officers to secure the revised scheme. 

I trust that this will be seen as a satisfactory outcome by all parties. Please let me know if you require anything further at this stage. 

Michael Barker
Head of Planning and Environment
Environment & Regeneration
Telford & Wrekin Council

Let us have your views & we’ll make sure they get through to the council.

Kind regards from your APA committee, John Davis - Chairman, Helen Hampton - Secretary, John Snell - Treasurer, Angela Twyford and Jonathan Harris. 

APA candidate WINS Parish Council  election!  

Angela Twyford

ANGELA TWYFORD, APA committee member has won a seat on the Parish Council 
representing the Apley Ward. It was a resounding victory as Angela polled over 60% of the vote!
The results were as follows:

Angela Twyford (APA) - 406
Healey (Conservative) - 146
Sloan (Labour) - 115

The turnout was 27.6% More... 


The next meeting was planned for, 18.06.08, however, due to time pressures for some members of the group it was cancelled. The next meeting is likely to be in early September, We will, however, keep you fully informed of our continuing actions to increase the impetus of the campaign between now and then.

As you know Angela Twyford, member of APA committee, is also a Parish Councillor for Hadley and Leegomery. See details here....

No news yet, but our recent letter to the Legal Department at Telford and Wrekin is attached for your information. We will keep you informed as things develop.:

Dear Emma,

Thankyou for your earlier e-mail explaining that Douglas Edwards would need two more weeks to produce his report. Can we assume that you still do not have the document? - you had told Angela that you would let her know when it came.

Once you are in possession of it we understand, again from your conversation with Angela Twyford, that you and your department will be 'checking'. We would appreciate written confirmation that the Inspector's report will remain confidential to your department during this period, and also an explanation of what constitutes 'checking'.

We believe that you will produce a document to accompany the Inspector's report, which will go to Councillors on the Licensing Bord, and that we will get a copy of that document at that time.

When do we get the full copy of the Inspector's report? Do Councillors also get a full copy?

In terms of the timing of the Licensing Board meetings weGROUP NEGOTIATIONS
At the last meeting, on 1st February, there was agreement to look at the proposed layout drawings in the light of the concerns residents have raised. EP are very willing to enter into further discussions on density and buildable area and will be in touch to arrange a meeting.

The ‘special case’ issue is still on the table; the LPA are still reluctant to conduct the full survey which we believe is required by law. We are persisting with this issue.

A business plan for the arboretum has been produced and will be discussed at the next meeting which will be some time in April.
(Full minutes of the last meeting are available - click on ‘Find out more’).


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