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Apley Castle Park -
It's a special case

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Apley Castle residents have now formed and constituted ‘Apley Preservation Association’

‘APA’ will facilitate coherent and effective communication of resident’s issues and concerns about the proposed development of 200 homes off Peregrine Way.

Our aim will be to bring together residents, planners, landowners and their agents into an open and constructive dialogue.

We are seeking total and inclusive community support and would invite your membership and feedback to ‘Apley Preservation Association’.

We believe that the outline planning application for 200 dwellings does not meet the requirements of this community now or in the future and is not sympathetic to the area and will damage the fabric of our neighbourhood.


Telford is a developing new town, which has successfully attracted significant inward investment and employment which in turn creates the need for high quality housing. The Apley Castle estates should be an inspiration to town planners and developers as they have created a place where people want to live and work and aspire to.

Please help support the campaign to prevent this unpopular and unnecessary development from ruining this lovely environment we all call home.

Your voice as a member of the community must be heard, together through ‘APA’ the message will get through loud and clear!

click here to download Apley Preservation Constitution


Local residents, whose homes surround the grounds of the former historic Apley Castle, are desperately trying to preserve and protect the remaining heritage site and wildlife sanctuary, following a shocking housing development application submitted by English Partnerships.

The outrageous application, planned for the remaining two small fields, is to build a dense development of 180-200 dwellings, the majority of which will be three storey high flats designated for social housing!

The two fields in question, off Peregrine Way and Sparrowhawk Way, are currently flanked by prestigious, four and five bedroom detached homes, which were sympathetically designed to compliment the area. Residents believed that any further housing developments deemed necessary, should continue in the same vein and compliment the historic site, but would take into consideration the preservation of Apley Castle grounds and the wildlife haven.

Why destroy this beautiful environment !!!

To find out more about the development plans please visit

email or telephone:

Angela Twyford - 01952 246 528

Helen Hampton - 01952 248 383