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Apley Castle Park -
It's a special case

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Apley Castle Park is probably the most historic and beautiful area within the borough of Telford and Wrekin and the history of the Castle, surrounding grounds and parkland, have to date, been carefully considered and preserved, prior to development approval.

The fields are a haven for wildlife and the feeding grounds for many species of birds, in particular the endangered Song Thrush, Jay, Woodpecker, Pheasant and Grouse. Many types of frogs and toads are also regularly spotted. 4 species of bats, including the rare 'noctule' bat inhabit the woods and forage in surrounding fields. Sadly, as more properties have been built on the land, it has become apparent that the wildlife is rapidly disappearing. We must stop this now and save what is left of the remaining habitat. Click here to see how these proposals could affect this special site.

Update for APA members and residents July 2016

Since the application for reserved matters was lodged, with only hours to spare before the outline permission ran out!, the APA committee have had two or three meetings with local planners and the developer Kier.

At the same time we have lodged objections, as many of you have, and have repeatedly asked for an opportunity to discuss the matter in the light of the significant changes in the area since the original application.

We have asked for more wildlife surveys to be undertaken and they will not be completed until September; as you may also be aware Apley Woods is likely to be granted Nature Reserve status next month which is another reason we feel the development should not go ahead.

As we did not get the meetings requested, we have referred the matter to the DCLG who have awarded us a case number, and have advised us to try the local route once more, also including our MP. Mark Pritchard.

Letters have gone to the Head of Planning, David Fletcher; The Leader of the Council, Sean Davies; and to Mark Pritchard.

We have also copied in our Parish Council who are most supportive of our requests, and our Borough Councillor Karen Blundell.

If there is no satisfactory response from the Council, the DCLG will look at the matter again for us.

Helen Hampton, Hon Sec APA and John Davis, Chr. APA.

Planning Application TWC/2011/05411

You will no doubt have noticed some activity on the Peregrine Way fields recently. HCA have decided to develop and have, unfortunately, gone as far as to identify a developer, who has now submitted an application for reserved matters. We had expected that the Association would have been involved at a much earlier stage but sadly that earlier agreed condition has not been honoured.

Nevertheless the committee has already met with a representative from HCA and we await a date for a further meeting with the developer – Kier. We will insist on a public consultation and will keep you informed via our website.

You can view the full application by clicking here.

If you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact any committee member, or Helen Hampton (Secretary) on or 019522 248383.

Kind regards from your APA cttee.

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Find out more about Apley's dramatic history and how the site played an important role in the English Civil War...

Click here find out more about boidiversity and Apley Castle...

Biodiversity in Apley Castle Park


Click here find out more about boidiversity and Apley Castle... Biodiversity in Apley Castle Park